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TDengine 3.x Data Source

TDengine 3.x type of data source is to extract data from the edge side or another TDengine Cloud instance to the currently selected TDengine Cloud instance through TMQ subscription.


  • If the data source is a TDengine 3.x server on the edge side, make sure that port 6041 is open and allows any IP access
  • The prerequisite for using this method is that the user needs to create the corresponding Topic inside the TDengine of the data source, which can be one or more databases, or super or normal tables, or a Topic that has already been created.


  1. In TDengine Cloud, open Data In page and on the Data Sources tab, click Add Data Source to open the page. In the Name field, input the name and select the TDengine 3.x type.
  2. In the Target DB field, select a database in the current TDengine Cloud instance as the target database.
  3. In the Topic DSN field, configure the DSN of the Topic that has been created in the TDengine of the data source.
  4. Click the Connectivity Check button to check whether the Cloud instance can be connected to the other TDengine Cloud instance service.
  5. In the Subscribe Options part, you can configure the subscription to start from the earliest data (earliest) or the latest data (latest), and the default is earliest.
  6. In the Subscription Group ID field, you can configure the subscription group ID, which is used to identify a subscription group. Subscribers in the same subscription group share consumption progress, and consumption progress is independent between different subscription groups.
  7. In the Client ID field, you can configure the client ID, which is used to identify a subscriber. Different subscribers in the same subscription group need to use different client IDs.
  8. In the Enable Snapshot field, you can configure whether to enable snapshots. Enabling snapshots supports subscribing to earlier data, and the default is false.
  9. In the Timeout field, you can configure the timeout time, which can be configured as never: it means no timeout time and the subscription will continue, or you can specify the timeout time: 5s, 1m, etc., and the supported units are ms (milliseconds), s (seconds), m (minutes), h (hours), d (days), M (months), y (years).
  10. After completing the above information, click the Add button to start the data synchronization from TDengine to TDengine Cloud instance directly.