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OPC DA Data Source

OPC DA data source is the process of writing data from the OPC UA server to the currently selected TDengine Cloud instance via a connection agent.


There is an additional charge for extracting OPC UA . The charge depends on your TDengine pricing plan. For more information, contact our team or your account representative.


  • Create an empty database to store your OPC DA data. For more information, see Database.
  • Ensure that the connection agent is running on a machine located on the same network as your OPC Server. For more information, see Install Connection Agent.


  1. In TDengine Cloud, open Data In page. On the Data Sources tab, click Add Data Source button to open the new data source page. In the Name input, fill in the name of the data source and select the type of OPC-DA, and in the Agent selection, select the agent you have already created, or if you have not created a agent, click the Create New Agent button to create it.
  2. In the Target DB, select the database of the current TDengine Cloud instance as the target database.
  3. In the Service endpoint field, you need to configure the address of the OPC DA server,<,localhost>/Matrikon.OPC.Simulation.
  4. You can click the Connectivity Check button to check whether the communication between the Cloud instance and the OPC DA server is available.
  5. In the Data Sets field, configure the point information. Click the Select button to select the regular expression to filter the points, and up to 10 points can be filtered out at a time.
  6. in the Connection part, configure the Connection Timeout Interval and Request Timeout Interval (in seconds), the default value is 10 seconds.
  7. In the Advanced Options part, configure the Write Concurrency, Batch Size (default value is 1000), Batch Timeout (unit: second, default value is 1), and whether to enable debug level logging. In the Keep Raw Data part, configure whether to enable save. If it is saved, please set the save path and the specific number of days to save.
  8. After completing the above information, click the Add button to directly initiate data synchronization from the OPC DA server to the TDengine Cloud instance.