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Data In for TDengine Cloud Instance

TDengine Cloud provides three types of data writing methods to write external data into TDengine Cloud instances.

The first one is the data source method, which allows users to import a large number of remote data sources into TDengine Cloud instances through a few easy-to-use steps. Currently, the supported data types include TDengine subscription, InfluexDB, MQTT, PI, OPC-UA and OPC-DA, where TDengine subscription includes TDengine on local host or inside the cloud vendor's servers, as well as other instances of TDengine Cloud.

The second is to write data to TDengine Cloud instances through third-party tools or third-party protocols supported by schema-less REST interfaces. Currently supported third-party proxies include Telegraf and Prometheus, and third-party protocols include InfluexDB, OpenTSDB JSON, and OpenTSDB Telnet. Telnet protocol.

In addition to the three ways of writing data to TDengine Cloud instance described in this chapter, users can also use TDengine SQL to write data to TDengine Cloud directly, or programmatically use the client libraries provided by TDengine to write data to TDengine Cloud instance. TDengine also provides a stress testing tool taosBenchmark to write data to instances of TDengine Cloud.


Due to permission restrictions, you must first create a database in the cloud service's data browser before you can write to it. This restriction is the first thing all write methods must do.

The main functions are shown below:

  1. Data Sources: Writes external data to the TDengine Cloud instance by creating a data source.
  2. Data Collection Agents: Patternless through third-party proxy tools and REST interfaces.