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Install Connection Agent

You can install the connection agent as the following.


  • Ensure that your local machine is located on the same network as your data source machines, such as PI Data Archive and PI AF Server (optional).
  • Ensure that your local machine is running Linux or Windows.

Create Agent

  1. In TDengine Cloud, open Data In.
  2. On the Data Sources tab, click Create New Agent in the Connection Agents section.
  3. Click Windows to download the connection agent.
  4. On your local machine, run the connection agent installer and follow the prompts.
  5. In TDengine Cloud, click Next.
  6. Enter a unique name for your agent and click Next to generate an authentication token.
  7. On your local machine, open the C:\TDengine\cfg\agent.toml file.
  8. Copy the values of endpoint and token displayed in TDengine Cloud into the agent.toml file.
  9. In TDengine Cloud, click Next and click Finish.

Start Agent

Run the sc start taosx-agent command to start the connection agent as a service on your local machine.

Go to the specified data source steps to create it.