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Click the Setting in the popped menu of the user avatar, you can enter the personal setting page.


You can modify your personal information, including name, password and phone number.


MFA, also known as multi-factor authentication, can protect you from credential loss or theft and data destruction. By default, the MFA are enabled for all the operations, and you need to enter the MFA verification code each time when you do the specified operation.

In order to avoid repeated email verification during batch operations, you can temporarily disable the MFA for specific operations on the MFA page.

  1. Click Edit button to enter the MFA edit page, select the operations in the Disable MFA column, and then set the duration of the disable MFA, click Save button to save the MFA confiugration.

  2. Any changes to the MFA configuraiton need to additional MFA verification. After the verification is successful, the MFA configuraiton will be saved to your setting. Then the disabled operations will no need to be verified by MFA.

  3. When you log into a new device and during the period of disabled MFA, the first operation still needs to be verified by MFA.