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Schemaless - OpenTSDB JSON Protocol

In this section we will explain how to write into TDengine cloud service using schemaless OpenTSDB JSON protocols over REST interface.


Run this command in your terminal to save the TDengine cloud token and URL as variables:

export TDENGINE_CLOUD_TOKEN="<token>"
export TDENGINE_CLOUD_URL="<url>"


You can use any client that supports the http protocol to access the RESTful interface address <cloud_url>/opentsdb/v1/put to write data in OpenTSDB compatible format to TDengine. The EndPoint is as follows:


Insert Example

curl --request POST "$TDENGINE_CLOUD_URL/opentsdb/v1/put/json/<db_name>?token=$TDENGINE_CLOUD_TOKEN" --data-binary "{\"metric\":\"meter_current\",\"timestamp\":1646846400,\"value\":10.3,\"tags\":{\"groupid\":2,\"location\":\"Beijing\",\"id\":\"d1001\"}}"

Query Example with SQL

  • meter_current is the super table name.
  • you can filter data by tag, like:where groupid=2.
curl -L -d "select * from <db_name>.meter_current where groupid=2" $TDENGINE_CLOUD_URL/rest/sql/test?token=$TDENGINE_CLOUD_TOKEN