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In the Users tab, TDengine Cloud list all users in the current organization. You can add new users, disable the specific user and delete him. Also you can assign or unassign any role of the organization to the user on the resources including organization, instances or databases. If you assign the organization level role Instance Admin to some user, the user will be administrator of all your instances.

You can click Add New User button on the right top of the organization list to open the Add New User dialog. In the opened dialog, you first input email of the new user and also you can select the permission template of the existed user. If you do so, the selected user's permissions will be copied to the new user in the Roles part of the dialog. If you select multiple user groups, the new user will be added to these user groups after he is activated. In the last part Roles, you can check or uncheck the roles of the specific resources including organization, instances and databases. At the last, you can click Add button to submit the request after inputing the verifcation code from your mail notification, and the new user will be added to the user list.

You can also suspend the permissions of an added user or remove the user from the organization in the Operation area of the user. Clicking on the Resources link in the user's row brings up a list of the permissions that the user has been assigned to specific resources.