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Data Replication

TDengine Cloud provides full support for data replication. You can replicate data from the current instance of TDengine Cloud to another instance, both instances can be in the same regio or in different regions.

Customers just need to click Add New Replication button to open the dialog for creating data replication task. Firstly, you need to select the database of the current instance of TDengine Cloud in the From Database selection, and then copy the token of the target TDengine Cloud instance to the To Instance Token input. After that, TDengine Cloud will get the database list of the target instance automatically. Finally, customers only need to select a database of the target instance in the To Database selection, and then click the Create button to create a data replication task.

In the Operate area of each data replication task, customers can delete and check the status of the task. Also customers can globally refresh all data replication tasks after clicking the Refresh button.