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Information_Schema Database

TDengine includes a built-in database named INFORMATION_SCHEMA to provide access to database metadata, system information, and status information. This information includes database names, table names, and currently running SQL statements. All information related to TDengine maintenance is stored in this database. It contains several read-only tables. These tables are more accurately described as views, and they do not correspond to specific files. You can query these tables but cannot write data to them. The INFORMATION_SCHEMA database is intended to provide a unified method for SHOW commands to access data. However, using SELECT ... FROM INFORMATION_SCHEMA.tablename offers several advantages over SHOW commands:

  1. You can use a USE statement to specify the INFORMATION_SCHEMA database as the current database.
  2. You can use the familiar SELECT syntax to access information, provided that you know the table and column names.
  3. You can filter and order the query results. More generally, you can use any SELECT syntax that TDengine supports to query the INFORMATION_SCHEMA database.
  4. Future versions of TDengine can add new columns to INFORMATION_SCHEMA tables without affecting existing business systems.
  5. It is easier for users coming from other database management systems. For example, Oracle users can query data dictionary tables.
  • SHOW statements are still supported for the convenience of existing users.
  • Some columns in the system table may be keywords, and you need to use the escape character '`' when querying, for example, to query the VGROUPS in the database test:
   select `vgroups` from ins_databases where name = 'test';

This document introduces the tables of INFORMATION_SCHEMA and their structure.


Provides information about dnodes. Similar to SHOW DNODES.

#ColumnData TypeDescription
1vnodesSMALLINTCurrent number of vnodes on the dnode
2vnodesSMALLINTMaximum number of vnodes on the dnode
3statusBINARY(10)Current status
4noteBINARY(256)Reason for going offline or other information
6endpointBINARY(134)Dnode endpoint
7createTIMESTAMPCreation time


Provides information about mnodes. Similar to SHOW MNODES.

#ColumnData TypeDescription
2endpointBINARY(134)Mnode endpoint
3roleBINARY(10)Current role
4role_timeTIMESTAMPTime at which the current role was assumed
5create_timeTIMESTAMPCreation time


Provides information about modules. Similar to SHOW MODULES.

#ColumnData TypeDescription
2endpointBINARY(134)Module endpoint
3moduleBINARY(10)Module status


Provides information about qnodes. Similar to SHOW QNODES.

#ColumnData TypeDescription
2endpointBINARY(134)Qnode endpoint
3create_timeTIMESTAMPCreation time


Provides information about the cluster.

#ColumnData TypeDescription
1idBIGINTCluster ID
2nameBINARY(134)Cluster name
3create_timeTIMESTAMPCreation time


Provides information about user-created databases. Similar to SHOW DATABASES.

#ColumnData TypeDescription
1nameBINARY(32)Database name
2create_timeTIMESTAMPCreation time
3ntablesINTNumber of standard tables and subtables (not including supertables)
4vgroupsINTNumber of vgroups
6replicaINTNumber of replicas
7quorumBINARY(3)Strong consistency
8durationINTDuration for storage of single files
9keepINTData retention period
10bufferINTWrite cache size per vnode, in MB
11pagesizeINTPage size for vnode metadata storage engine, in KB
12pagesINTNumber of pages per vnode metadata storage engine
13minrowsINTMaximum number of records per file block
14maxrowsINTMinimum number of records per file block
15compINTCompression method
16precisionBINARY(2)Time precision
17statusBINARY(10)Current database status
18retentionBINARY (60)Aggregation interval and retention period
19single_stableBOOLWhether the database can contain multiple supertables
20cachemodelBINARY(60)Caching method for the newest data
21cachesizeINTMemory per vnode used for caching the newest data
22wal_levelINTWAL level
23wal_fsync_periodINTInterval at which WAL is written to disk
24wal_retention_periodINTWAL retention period
25wal_retention_sizeINTMaximum WAL size
26wal_roll_periodINTWAL rotation period
27wal_segment_sizeBIGINTWAL file size
28stt_triggerSMALLINTThe threshold for number of files to trigger file merging
29table_prefixSMALLINTThe prefix length in the table name that is ignored when distributing table to vnode based on table name
30table_suffixSMALLINTThe suffix length in the table name that is ignored when distributing table to vnode based on table name
31tsdb_pagesizeINTThe page size for internal storage engine, its unit is KB


Provides information about user-defined functions.

#ColumnData TypeDescription
1nameBINARY(64)Function name
2commentBINARY(255)Function description
3aggregateINTWhether the UDF is an aggregate function
4output_typeBINARY(31)Output data type
5create_timeTIMESTAMPCreation time
6code_lenINTLength of the source code
7bufsizeINTBuffer size


Provides information about user-created indices. Similar to SHOW INDEX.

#ColumnData TypeDescription
1db_nameBINARY(32)Database containing the table with the specified index
2table_nameBINARY(192)Table containing the specified index
3index_nameBINARY(192)Index name
4db_nameBINARY(64)Index column
5index_typeBINARY(10)SMA or FULLTEXT index
6index_extensionsBINARY(256)Other information For SMA indices, this shows a list of functions. For FULLTEXT indices, this is null.


Provides information about supertables.

#ColumnData TypeDescription
1stable_nameBINARY(192)Supertable name
2db_nameBINARY(64)All databases in the supertable
3create_timeTIMESTAMPCreation time
4columnsINTNumber of columns
5tagsINTNumber of tags
6last_updateTIMESTAMPLast updated time
7table_commentBINARY(1024)Table description
8watermarkBINARY(64)Window closing time
9max_delayBINARY(64)Maximum delay for pushing stream processing results
10rollupBINARY(128)Rollup aggregate function


Provides information about standard tables and subtables.

#ColumnData TypeDescription
1table_nameBINARY(192)Table name
2db_nameBINARY(64)Database name
3create_timeTIMESTAMPCreation time
4columnsINTNumber of columns
5stable_nameBINARY(192)Supertable name
6uidBIGINTTable ID
7vgroup_idINTVgroup ID
8ttlINTTable time-to-live
9table_commentBINARY(1024)Table description
10typeBINARY(20)Table type


#ColumnData TypeDescription
1table_nameBINARY(192)Table name
2db_nameBINARY(64)Database name
3stable_nameBINARY(192)Supertable name
4tag_nameBINARY(64)Tag name
5tag_typeBINARY(64)Tag type
6tag_valueBINARY(16384)Tag value


Provides information about TDengine users.

#ColumnData TypeDescription
1user_nameBINARY(23)User name
2privilegeBINARY(256)User permissions
3create_timeTIMESTAMPCreation time


Provides information about TDengine Enterprise Edition permissions.

#ColumnData TypeDescription
1versionBINARY(9)Whether the deployment is a licensed or trial version
2cpu_coresBINARY(9)CPU cores included in license
3dnodesBINARY(10)Dnodes included in license
4streamsBINARY(10)Streams included in license
5usersBINARY(10)Users included in license
6streamsBINARY(10)Accounts included in license
7storageBINARY(21)Storage space included in license
8connectionsBINARY(21)Client connections included in license
9databasesBINARY(11)Databases included in license
10speedBINARY(9)Write speed specified in license (data points per second)
11querytimeBINARY(9)Total query time specified in license
12timeseriesBINARY(21)Number of metrics included in license
13expiredBINARY(5)Whether the license has expired
14expire_timeBINARY(19)When the trial period expires


Provides information about vgroups.

#ColumnData TypeDescription
1vgroup_idINTVgroup ID
2db_nameBINARY(32)Database name
3tablesINTTables in vgroup
4statusBINARY(10)Vgroup status
5v1_dnodeINTDnode ID of first vgroup member
6v1_statusBINARY(10)Status of first vgroup member
7v2_dnodeINTDnode ID of second vgroup member
8v2_statusBINARY(10)Status of second vgroup member
9v3_dnodeINTDnode ID of third vgroup member
10v3_statusBINARY(10)Status of third vgroup member
11nfilesINTNumber of data and metadata files in the vgroup
12file_sizeINTSize of the data and metadata files in the vgroup
13tsmaTINYINTWhether time-range-wise SMA is enabled. 1 means enabled; 0 means disabled.


Provides system configuration information.

#ColumnData TypeDescription


Provides dnode configuration information.

#ColumnData TypeDescription
1dnode_idINTDnode ID


#ColumnData TypeDescription
1topic_nameBINARY(192)Topic name
2db_nameBINARY(64)Database for the topic
3create_timeTIMESTAMPCreation time
4sqlBINARY(1024)SQL statement used to create the topic


#ColumnData TypeDescription
1topic_nameBINARY(204)Subscribed topic
2consumer_groupBINARY(193)Subscribed consumer group
3vgroup_idINTVgroup ID for the consumer
4consumer_idBIGINTConsumer ID


#ColumnData TypeDescription
1stream_nameBINARY(64)Stream name
2create_timeTIMESTAMPCreation time
3sqlBINARY(1024)SQL statement used to create the stream
4statusBIANRY(20)Current status
5source_dbBINARY(64)Source database
6target_dbBIANRY(64)Target database
7target_tableBINARY(192)Target table
8watermarkBIGINTWatermark (see stream processing documentation)
9triggerINTMethod of triggering the result push (see stream processing documentation)