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You can install and run TDengine on Linux/Windows/macOS machines as well as Docker containers. You can also deploy TDengine as a managed service with TDengine Cloud.

The full package of TDengine includes the TDengine Server (taosd), TDengine Client (taosc), taosAdapter for connecting with third-party systems and providing a RESTful interface, a command-line interface, and some tools. In addition to connectors for multiple languages, TDengine also provides a RESTful interface through taosAdapter.

Study TDengine Knowledge Map

The TDengine Knowledge Map covers the various knowledge points of TDengine, revealing the invocation relationships and data flow between various conceptual entities. Learning and understanding the TDengine Knowledge Map will help you quickly master the TDengine knowledge system.

Diagram 1. TDengine Knowledge Map

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