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taosTools are some useful tool collections for TDengine.

taosBenchmark (once named taosdemo) can be used to stress test TDengine for full-featured writes, queries, subscriptions, etc. In and early release, taosBenchmark is distributed within taosTools package. In later release, taosBenchmark will be included within TDengine again. Please refer to the taosBenchmark User Manual for details on how to use it.

taosdump is a tool for backing up and restoring TDengine data to/from local directory. Please refer to the taosdump User Manual for details on how to use it.

Install taosTools

    How to build from source

    install dependencies

    For Ubuntu/Debian system

    sudo apt install libjansson-dev libsnappy-dev liblzma-dev libz-dev pkg-config

    For CentOS

    sudo yum install zlib-devel xz-devel snappy-devel jansson jansson-devel pkgconfig libatomic libstdc++-static

    Note: Since snappy lacks pkg-config support (refer to link), it lead a cmake prompt libsnappy not found. But snappy will works well.

    install TDengine client

    Please download TDengine client package or compile TDengine source from github and install to your system.

    clone source code and compile

    git clone
    cd taos-tools
    git submodule update --init --recursive
    mkdir build
    cd build
    cmake ..


    sudo make install