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Escape Characters

Below table is the list of escape characters used in TDengine.

Escape CharacterActual Meaning
\'Single quote '
\"Double quote "
\nLine Break
\rCarriage Return
\\Back Slash \
\%% see below for details
\__ see below for details

Escape characters are available from version .


  1. If there are escape characters in identifiers (database name, table name, column name)
    • Identifier without ``: Error will be returned because identifier must be constituted of digits, ASCII characters or underscore and can't be started with digits
    • Identifier quoted with ``: Original content is kept, no escaping
  2. If there are escape characters in values
    • The escape characters will be escaped as the above table. If the escape character doesn't match any supported one, the escape character "" will be ignored.
    • "%" and "_" are used as wildcards in like. \% and \_ should be used to represent literal "%" and "_" in like,. If \% and \_ are used out of like context, the evaluation result is "\%"and "\_", instead of "%" and "_".