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Data Import

There are multiple ways of importing data provided by TDengine: import with script, import from data file, import using taosdump.

Import Using Script

TDengine CLI taos supports source <filename> command for executing the SQL statements in the file in batch. The SQL statements for creating databases, creating tables, and inserting rows can be written in a single file with one statement on each line, then the file can be executed using the source command in TDengine CLI taos to execute the SQL statements in order and in batch. In the script file, any line beginning with "#" is treated as comments and ignored silently.

Import from Data File

In TDengine CLI, data can be imported from a CSV file into an existing table. The data in a single CSV must belong to the same table and must be consistent with the schema of that table. The SQL statement is as below:

insert into tb1 file 'path/data.csv';

If there is a description in the first line of the CSV file, please remove it before importing. If there is no value for a column, please use NULL without quotes.

For example, there is a subtable d1001 whose schema is as below:

taos> DESCRIBE d1001
Field | Type | Length | Note |
ts | TIMESTAMP | 8 | |
current | FLOAT | 4 | |
voltage | INT | 4 | |
phase | FLOAT | 4 | |
location | BINARY | 64 | TAG |
groupid | INT | 4 | TAG |

The format of the CSV file to be imported, data.csv, is as below:

'2018-10-04 06:38:05.000',10.30000,219,0.31000
'2018-10-05 06:38:15.000',12.60000,218,0.33000
'2018-10-06 06:38:16.800',13.30000,221,0.32000
'2018-10-07 06:38:05.000',13.30000,219,0.33000
'2018-10-08 06:38:05.000',14.30000,219,0.34000
'2018-10-09 06:38:05.000',15.30000,219,0.35000
'2018-10-10 06:38:05.000',16.30000,219,0.31000
'2018-10-11 06:38:05.000',17.30000,219,0.32000
'2018-10-12 06:38:05.000',18.30000,219,0.31000

Then, the below SQL statement can be used to import data from file "data.csv", assuming the file is located under the home directory of the current Linux user.

taos> insert into d1001 file '~/data.csv';
Query OK, 9 row(s) affected (0.004763s)

Import using taosdump

A convenient tool for importing and exporting data is provided by TDengine, taosdump, which can be used to export data from one TDengine cluster and import into another one. For the details of using taosdump please refer to Tool for exporting and importing data: taosdump.