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File directory structure

After TDengine is installed, the following directories or files will be created in the system by default.

/usr/local/taos/binThe TDengine executable directory. The executable files are soft-linked to the /usr/bin directory.
/usr/local/taos/driverThe TDengine dynamic link library directory. It is soft-linked to the /usr/lib directory.
/usr/local/taos/examplesThe TDengine various language application examples directory.
/usr/local/taos/includeThe header files for TDengine's external C interface.
/etc/taos/taos.cfgTDengine default [configuration file]
/var/lib/taosTDengine's default data file directory. The location can be changed via [configuration file].
/var/log/taosTDengine default log file directory. The location can be changed via [configure file].

Executable files

All executable files of TDengine are in the /usr/local/taos/bin directory by default. These include.

  • taosd: TDengine server-side executable files
  • taos: TDengine CLI executable
  • taosdump: data import and export tool
  • taosBenchmark: TDengine testing tool
  • script to uninstall TDengine, please execute it carefully, link to the rmtaos command in the /usr/bin directory. Will remove the TDengine installation directory /usr/local/taos, but will keep /etc/taos, /var/lib/taos, /var/log/taos
  • taosadapter: server-side executable that provides RESTful services and accepts writing requests from a variety of other softwares
  • tarbitrator: provides arbitration for two-node cluster deployments
  • script to start both taosd and taosAdapter
  • script to download TDinsight and install it
  • script for setting up the system to generate core dump files for easy debugging
  • taosd-dump-cfg.gdb: script to facilitate debugging of taosd's gdb execution.

taosdump after version require taosTools as a standalone installation. A new version of taosBenchmark is include in taosTools too.


You can configure different data directories and log directories by modifying the system configuration file taos.cfg.