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TDengine Monitoring

After TDengine is started, a database named log is created automatically to help with monitoring. Information that includes CPU, memory and disk usage, bandwidth, number of requests, disk I/O speed, slow queries, is written into the log database at a predefined interval. Additionally, some important system operations, like logon, create user, drop database, and alerts and warnings generated in TDengine are written into the log database too. A system operator can view the data in log database from TDengine CLI or from a web console.

The collection of the monitoring information is enabled by default, but can be disabled by parameter monitor in the configuration file.


TDinsight is a complete solution which uses the monitoring database log mentioned previously, and Grafana, to monitor a TDengine cluster.

From version, more monitoring data has been added in the log database. Please refer to TDinsight Grafana Dashboard to learn more details about using TDinsight to monitor TDengine.

A script is provided to deploy TDinsight automatically.

Download with the below command:

chmod +x


  1. TDengine Server

    • The URL of REST service:for example http://localhost:6041 if TDengine is deployed locally
    • User name and password
  2. Grafana Alert Notification

There are two ways to setup Grafana alert notification.

  • An existing Grafana Notification Channel can be specified with parameter -E, the notifier uid of the channel can be obtained by curl -u admin:admin localhost:3000/api/alert-notifications |jq

    sudo ./ -a http://localhost:6041 -u root -p taosdata -E <notifier uid>
  • The AliCloud SMS alert built in TDengine data source plugin can be enabled with parameter -s, the parameters of enabling this plugin are listed below:

    • -I: AliCloud SMS Key ID
    • -K: AliCloud SMS Key Secret
    • -S: AliCloud SMS Signature
    • -C: SMS notification template
    • -T: Input parameters in JSON format for the SMS notification template, for example{"alarm_level":"%s","time":"%s","name":"%s","content":"%s"}
    • -B: List of mobile numbers to be notified

    Below is an example of the full command using the AliCloud SMS alert.

       sudo ./ -a http://localhost:6041 -u root -p taosdata -s \
    -I XXXXXXX -K XXXXXXXX -S taosdata -C SMS_1111111 -B 18900000000 \
    -T '{"alarm_level":"%s","time":"%s","name":"%s","content":"%s"}'

Launch with the command above and restart Grafana, then open Dashboard http://localhost:3000/d/tdinsight.

For more use cases and restrictions please refer to TDinsight.