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InfluxDB Line Protocol


In the InfluxDB Line protocol format, a single line of text is used to represent one row of data. Each line contains 4 parts as shown below.

measurement,tag_set field_set timestamp
  • measurement will be used as the name of the STable
  • tag_set will be used as tags, with format like <tag_key>=<tag_value>,<tag_key>=<tag_value>
  • field_setwill be used as data columns, with format like <field_key>=<field_value>,<field_key>=<field_value>
  • timestamp is the primary key timestamp corresponding to this row of data

For example:

meters,location=California.LoSangeles,groupid=2 current=13.4,voltage=223,phase=0.29 1648432611249500
  • All the data in tag_set will be converted to nchar type automatically .
  • Each data in field_set must be self-descriptive for its data type. For example 1.2f32 means a value 1.2 of float type. Without the "f" type suffix, it will be treated as type double.
  • Multiple kinds of precision can be used for the timestamp field. Time precision can be from nanosecond (ns) to hour (h).

For more details please refer to InfluxDB Line Protocol and TDengine Schemaless


package com.taos.example;

import com.taosdata.jdbc.SchemalessWriter;
import com.taosdata.jdbc.enums.SchemalessProtocolType;
import com.taosdata.jdbc.enums.SchemalessTimestampType;

import java.sql.Connection;
import java.sql.DriverManager;
import java.sql.SQLException;
import java.sql.Statement;

public class LineProtocolExample {
// format: measurement,tag_set field_set timestamp
private static String[] lines = {
"meters,location=California.LosAngeles,groupid=2 current=11.8,voltage=221,phase=0.28 1648432611249000", // micro
// seconds
"meters,location=California.LosAngeles,groupid=2 current=13.4,voltage=223,phase=0.29 1648432611249500",
"meters,location=California.LosAngeles,groupid=3 current=10.8,voltage=223,phase=0.29 1648432611249300",
"meters,location=California.LosAngeles,groupid=3 current=11.3,voltage=221,phase=0.35 1648432611249800",

private static Connection getConnection() throws SQLException {
String jdbcUrl = "jdbc:TAOS://localhost:6030?user=root&password=taosdata";
return DriverManager.getConnection(jdbcUrl);

private static void createDatabase(Connection conn) throws SQLException {
try (Statement stmt = conn.createStatement()) {
// the default precision is ms (millisecond), but we use us(microsecond) here.
stmt.execute("USE test");

public static void main(String[] args) throws SQLException {
try (Connection conn = getConnection()) {
SchemalessWriter writer = new SchemalessWriter(conn);
writer.write(lines, SchemalessProtocolType.LINE, SchemalessTimestampType.MICRO_SECONDS);

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